You may be able to join the NECTAR study if you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in the hospital.

If you join the study, you will either receive a study drug or something that looks like the study drug but has no medicine (placebo) in it.

The chance of receiving either a study drug or the placebo depends on the number of study drugs available when you join the study.

You will not know if you are receiving the study drug or the placebo. Both groups are important to the study to help find out if getting the new drugs are better than not getting them.

Joining this study is voluntary and you can choose to stop at any time.

Click on the video below and hear Dr. Wesley Self
explain the NECTAR study.


While in the hospital, the NECTAR study team will see if you are able to participate.

They will explain the study to you and your loved ones and assist you in signing up.

You will have initial tests, including some blood draws, and will be randomly assigned to receive a study drug or placebo (inactive drug).

You will be in this study for 90 days. You do not need to be in the hospital this entire time. You will receive the study drug for up to 14 days, depending on which drug you are assigned.

For the first 28 days, if you are in the hospital, you will be monitored daily for side effects, changes in organ function, and vital signs.
We will draw a little extra blood on a few of these days for research purposes. If you are discharged from the hospital before Day 28, we will collect information about you on specific days by contacting you or one of your caretakers after you leave the hospital.

Around Days 60 and 90, we will contact you again to check on how you are doing. We will ask if you are using oxygen, if you have returned home, and how you are feeling with your recovery from COVID-19.